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2022-2023 Sub-Regional & Regional CDE/LDE Info

Registration for Regional and State FFA CDEs/LDEs will occur on JudgingCard.com

Registration for Sub-Regional Events is Listed Below:

First and second place district winners are eligible to compete at the sub-region.
Sign-in for these events will be via Google Form and due by Tuesday, January 18 at 5:00 PM. 
Advisors, Judges, and Participants should report to Brehm Animal Science, Room #130 (UT, Knoxville), Thursday, January 27, 2022 by 5:15 PM.

Creed Speaking LDE:
Employment Skills LDE:
  • Click HERE to Register
  • We will be using the paper copy of the application for all events this year.
  • Please refer to the list of items students may bring or use during the event. These are the only items a student may have with them at any given time. This includes the application, interview, and follow-up letter. Anything other than what is on the approved list (ex- a pre-written follow-up letter or an application completed prior to the event) will result in zero points for that section of the event. 
  • Email PDF copies of the cover letter and resume to Stena.Meadows@tn.gov no later than Tuesday, January 18 at 5:00 PM.

Follow-up correspondence 
For all events in the region, we will be doing a follow-up letter. I know last year we did follow-up emails, so I wanted to give everyone a heads up as you plan. It will be a written follow-up letter. It could be hand-written or typed depending on what the host site decides, so plan on practicing both. Students will be provided with all materials they need for this portion of the event. 

To eliminate confusion of who the cover letter should be addressed at each level (sub-regional and regional levels), we will using the following:
Superintendent of the Employment Skills LDE 
Division of College, Career & Technical Education 
Andrew Johnson Tower, 11th Floor 710 
James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, TN, 37243

Extemporaneous Speaking LDE:

  • Notecards will be provided for this event
  • Speech preparation materials must be limited to five items of printed material such as books or magazines
  • Printed compilations of materials collected from Internet research
  • Participants may have 10 mins to conduct online research if computers with internet access are made available. Access to email, Dropbox or any prepared materials are prohibited. Printing of documents is NOT allowed.
  • To be counted as one item, a notebook or folder of collected materials may contain no more than 100 single-sided pages or 50 pages double-sided numbered consecutively.
  • References should be in original format. Cutting and pasting into a Microsoft Word document will be considered prepared notes.
  • There can be no notes or speeches prepared by the participant or by another person for the purpose of use in this event.
Prepared Speaking LDE:
  • Email a PDF copy of the speech manuscript to Stena.Meadows@tn.gov no later than Tuesday, January 18 at 5:00 PM.




Tennessee FFA CDE/LDE Rules on tnffa.org


FFA Creed Rules East TN FFA Admin 1/12/2022 467 KB
FFA Employment Skills Rules East TN FFA Admin 1/12/2022 1502 KB
Employment Skills Application East TN FFA Admin 1/12/2022 1112 KB
Extemporaneous Public Speaking Rules East TN FFA Admin 1/12/2022 597 KB
Prepared Public Speaking Rules East TN FFA Admin 1/12/2022 479 KB
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