East Tennessee Region
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2022-23 Ag Issues Forum

FEBRUARY 9, 2023, Herbert College of Agriculture, UT Knoxville - Start Time 5:00


  • 3-7 students
  • Official FFA dress, costumes, props, skits, and other creative paraphernalia
  • Each team will conduct a presentation on the issue developed and presented at the local level
  • The agricultural issue could come from one of the following eight agricultural issue topic areas as listed in the Focusing on Agricultural Issues Instructional Materials.

  • Environmental Issues
  • Agricultural Technology Issues
  • Animal Issues
  • Agricultural Career Issues
  • Economy and Trade Issues
  • Agricultural Policy Issues
  • Food Safety Issues
  • Biotechnology Issues

  • Research on the topic must be current – good local/community/state issue
  • A chapter must have a minimum of five high-quality public forums presentations prior to their state (3 before the regional competition)
    • High-quality presentations made to community groups that would have an interest in the issue. High-quality forums can also be with smaller numbers of individuals who hold elected, appointed or some other official position that will be making decisions on the issue
    • Low-quality forums would be dropping in at a local business and giving a presentation to the workers or going to the home of one of the parents to make a presentation. Low-quality forums will receive zero or minimal points.
    • School presentations do not count as forums
  • The presentation will be a maximum of 15 minutes in length
    • Why issue is important
    • Pro viewpoint
    • Con viewpoint
    • Summary of pro/con viewpoint
  • The portfolio cannot exceed 10 pages
    • Why is this issue important now?
    • What is the nature of the issue?
    • Who is involved in the issue?
    • How can the issue be defined?
    • What is the historical background of the issue?
    • What caused the issue?
    • What are the risks?
    • What are the benefits?
    • bibliography of all resources


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